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Octogenario killed his grandson by confiscating him with a thief in Maracay

April 14, 2019 – 6:08 pm

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An eighty-year-old man replaced his granddaughter with a criminal and wrote him with a gun. The incident occurred at Piar Street, a neighborhood in La Cooperativa, north of the city of Maracay.

The victim was identified as Brayan Josué Carvajal Mora, 20 years old.

Carvajal was on the roof of his grandfather's house, José Graciano Carvajal Lizcano, aged 82 years. When the strange routes are felt, the old men left the building with a gun, to deal with the sworn thief

In assessing the fact that the old man, perhaps with problems of blindness, and the presence of an offended thief disappeared without noticing that it was one of his own granddaughter

It was brought to the officers of the Scientific, Criminal and Criminal Investigation Unit, which belong to the Homicide Base of Maracay Caña de Azúcar.

It was learned that the aforementioned allegiance will be presented to a court of justice, for sanctions to be set in & # 39; The national legislation, as indicated by its journalists.

While Brayan Carvajal's body was transferred to Cicpc's Forensic Medicine and Science Service for interim investigations.

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