Tuesday , November 30 2021

Norwegian company will bicycle with dead fish



By: Gabriel Pérez Díaz

The sustainability commitment is also attained to the maritime industry, which attempts to reduce contamination and make more environmentally friendly for the environment.

Hurtigruten, a Norwegian cruise ship operator, has plans to use an airliner that uses lipid biogas (LBG), which is a fragile fishing boat, remains of fisheries and of processing industry.

In this way, the fuel that is made from organic waste is mainly made by methane, Daniel Skjeldam, director of Hurtigruten: Norway is a large maritime nation. Fish fishermen and fishermen are big sectors, making them make places and generate revenue, but they also make a lot of waste. Constant access to high volumes of biological waste provide a great growth in the biogas market "

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"What others see as a problem, we see as a source and a solution. By setting biogas as fuel for ships, we will be the first cruise company that ships fossil fuels," said Daniel Skjeldam, director of Hurtigruten.

Also, the company has published a report where it says that 2021 will use the worst six of its ships in this technology.

It is important to point out that durable biogas is a source of clean energy that is considered to be the most ecological bronchia that is available today and that it is an alternative that has already been used within the transport, especially in buses.

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"While competitors are walking on heavy and cheap bicycles, our boats will be literally carried out by nature." Biogas is the most ecological fuel and will be a great benefit for the environment. by other cruise companies, "he said.


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