Tuesday , January 31 2023

Noguera advised to participate in the election simulacrum.


Governor of Venezuela's Socialist Party (PSUV) and Vice-President of the Venezuelan Union of Socialist Party (UBCH) to Bolivar Province, Justo Noguera Pietri (Bolivarian State University), Bolivar Militia, Popular Power, Local Supply and Production Committee The Social and Political Action Network (RAAS) is already ready for all revolutionary forces and Chavezians to participate in a voting simulation for the next election victory over the next election. They will celebrate on December 9th.

In Bolivar, 12 offices and 39 polling stations are distributed throughout the organization and have the necessary machinery to carry out their activities.

"We will carry out another battle for Bolívar's country, and our party and all participants will launch a plan organized at the election center, which will be the venue for this training," a regional leader said at a press conference. Venezuela and Venezuela The revolution is proof that we will bring Venezuela to a beautiful, free, independent and sovereign country.

Likewise, Governor Noguera Pietri said that he and his team are sufficient to prepare this important phase of the plan. There are also men and women elections that will be the basis of a market that will help establish and plan important steps. A routine struggle for revolution by Hugo Chávez.

Carlos Pérez, a member of PSUV, urged the Bolivarian people to take part in the election. "Anyone can express their feelings by inviting everyone to participate in this simulation regardless of their ideals and also helped all the Red Tent Party participants to tell the world that we are the ones who build peace and determine our future. That's why we always wanted to put into practice the machines that gave us good results. "

This national activity allows citizens to understand the voting procedure and the voter's preferred polling location, to review the logistical and technical aspects of ballot delivery and aggregation, postpone voting from the moment voters enter the center The exact time to do it. Psuv Bolívar Press

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