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Nigeria company changes Google service to error | Technology


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Due to configuration errors in Nigerian Internet services committed during network updates, our core services have changed and traffic has been switched to China and Russia.

Prior to MainOne's explanation, it was speculated whether the computer data theft of 74 minutes on Monday was intentional. The Google search engine, cloud storage, and business collaboration tools were among the affected services.

"Everyone was very confident that there was nothing inappropriate," said MainOne spokesman Tayo Ashiru.

This type of traffic redirection facilitates spy and financial theft by taking several basic services offline. It can also be used to block access to information by sending data to the black hole of the Internet. In particular, China has systematically kidnapped and bypassed Internet traffic in the United States.

However, this problem may be caused by a person's mistake. Ashiru said in MainOne, Africa's leading Internet provider. Engineers added that they accidentally address Chinese telecommunications to provide Google services that must be local. The Chinese company in turn sent the wrong data to TransTelecom, Russia's heavyweight in the Internet. Ashiru said MainOne did not understand why China Telecom did it. Public companies usually do not allow traffic on the Google network.

Alex Henthorn-Iwane, managing director of network intelligence firm ThousandEyes, has a dead end when traffic is redirected back to China, preventing users from accessing affected Google services.

This incident provided another lesson that the Internet is vulnerable to unpredictable and unstable events. If this happens to a company with the size and available resources Google has, it can happen to anyone. "

Transitions, known as IP address hijacking, are integrated into the Internet and are designed for collaboration between trusted parties rather than competing against hostile countries. Experts argue that the solution has a solution, but the industry must resist investing in encrypted routers.


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