Thursday , June 17 2021

Motorola means nostalgia with its folding mobile

Motorola will perform a stylized version of its legendary RAZR cellphone model in February this year. The great feature of this phone is that it makes it fake than the previous model, but with the new fall-screen technology that's been developed in the last year

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It is expected that Lenovo, business owner of it Motorola, sells an initial print of 200 thousand copies priced at $ 1,500 to see the reaction of the brand.

The first model RAZR they did Motorola The brand was in 2004, designed by it, designing with two color screens and a metallic backlit keyboard making it reliable in 2006 recognition as one of the most special mobile phones in & # 39; a world according to the magazine Forbes.

Moreover, we know the technical or physical characteristics of the communication part, however, it has already been speculated in social networks that it could be.

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