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Moreno and Vargas Llosa discuss democracy


President of the Republic, Lenin Moreno, Peruvian writer Mario Vargas Rosa They met on Monday, November 12, 2018 at the Zonal Government of Guayaquil office. This was pointed out on the bulletin board of the Communications Secretariat (Secom).

According to this organism, the Nobel Prize for Literature emphasizes that Moreno is interested in "completing Ecuadorian democracy and eliminating all obstacles that prevent genuine independence, neutrality, and efficiency."

"I have told me that some revisions have been made to minimize the chances of arbitrary attitudes towards freedom of speech," said the author of "Conversación en La Catedral".

"Hopefully, the novelist hopes that this newly born democracy will bring progress to all of us in Latin America across Ecuador." On Monday night, the writer of "Julia Aunt and the Writer" addressed liberalism and his most recent work, "Tribal Callings," in a lecture entitled "The Future is Today". He described it as an "autobiographical" and "a reflection of evolution as a socialist becoming a liberal democracy."

Margaret Thatcher The time he lived in England during the administration served him for the transition to liberalism. Reformed him into ruin, and she showed that "a peaceful revolution can be achieved within democracy." At that time he read the names of the British, commentators of the "Tribal Callings" and those who reviewed the position.

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From a Peruvian perspective, "Liberalism was born with the aim of poverty eradication, and many of these ideas raise democracy." Vargas Llosa, who was awarded an honorary doctorate from the Espíritu Santo (UEES) college before his dissertation, "there is only one freedom that is evident in economic and political terms". The horse's words were developed at the competition.

When referring to the future of liberalism in Latin America, he referred to Chile as an example of the rest of the region. "Why do not the Chileans escape like the Venezuelans? Because they have hope, he answered himself in front of a virtually complete audience.

He also added Hong Kong and Singapore as territories of freedom and progress. He said that a country can now choose to be poor or rich. Why do they choose the wrong one? The writer of "The Prank of the Bad Girl" at Espíritu Santo University writes, "Because I live in a fantasy world that controls everything, it suffocates and stuns people.

After all, the 2010 Nobel Prize for Literature told the audience that we should not be pessimistic in Latin America and better than today's dictatorship and guerrilla era. He felt that it was up to us and our choices to choose the path of prosperity. "Freedom is a great tool of economic life," he said.

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