Sunday , May 16 2021

Miss Spain screens polemic on Instagram with swimwear

In the middle of an immense torrent of # 39; The criticism, Miss Spain Angela Ponce, has come back to have the center of controversy to be seen in Instagram in bad mood.

Bangkok, Thailand, is the center of the world's attention to the Miss Universe side and this year, Miss Spain is a lot of & # 39; the focus, better or worse. Ángela Ponce is the first transgender who participates in this race and, according to some media, has shown that they are very well with their partners for a week of competition.

A couple of days ago, the 25-year-old Spanish candidate with a striking red dress with a wide neck, the instant was the object of 'attack'. More recent is an instagram video where Ángela Ponce in black swimwear has, perhaps, part of the first recording of Miss Universe on December 16.

"If God loves us why we do not love ourselves as he has us … why we try to be the other, why not accept us", let's say a critical comment on Ponce's Instagram page.

Another says: "Hahahaha … thank you for laughing so much that it has a NATURAL beauty, it is operated from pe to pa."

Not everything as open and critical. Many of her followers were praised and encouraged her to go through her career.

"Go to heaven for that is your body and your life, it is in all your rights, and your body and your life are yours, do not give any suggestion to you," says lalilala81. "You are my favorite woman," wrote mireyacarla67.

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There is no doubt that this Miss Universe will give a lot and Angela Ponce has a lot to do. Want to reach the final? Will win it?

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