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Misión Ribas reports 1,111,738 winners alumni since its founding – Correo del Orinoco

On Wednesday, a total of 10,300 Venezuelans and Venezuelans attended the graduation ceremony of the XV Ribas Mission and XV graduation led by President Nicolás Maduro.

Venezuela The title of a mandatory bachelor in the Bolivarian Republic has been awarded by the head of state, celebrating this achievement and progress demonstrating the great educational cultural revolution of the Venezuelans, "to convey the brightness, light, knowledge and culture to all."

The Ribas mission is "united, Venezuela is a territory of education, culture and illiteracy," he said.

15th Anniversary

According to Aristóbulo Istúriz, Minister of Public Power for Education, this educational social program has celebrated 15 years with 1,111,738 alumni reports since its founding.

In the context of his anniversary, he said that the Education Society of Misión Ribas is being developed this week.

In his assessment, he said that 151,149 people are studying and 46,000 of them are being held at this stage. The goal is to work with about 200,000 people.

He emphasized the continuity of 134,000 students from Ribas to Sucre 155. 551, from Robinson Mission to Ribas.

The Ribas Mission currently serves 42,600 people with disabilities, 11,000 Aboriginal people, and there are 60,000 winners in this training program. The goal is to secure 120,000 beneficiaries.

Increased benefits

At his graduation ceremony, President Maduro announced a new scholarship for Robinson missionary students to 450 sovereigns. The host of this program will receive 1,800 sovereigns in turn.

He also ordered tablets for students who required double appointments for research, work, production, and the economy.

After the announcement, Istúriz declared, "Misión Ribas graduation ceremony is represented by the national territory."

A week ago, the government graduated with 900 trained experts with Simon Rodriguez Micro Mission. "

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