Tuesday , November 30 2021

Meghan Markle appears in the midst of a picture crisis


London, England.

In the middle of & # 39; the first real crisis of his public image, or at least the first die by her and not by his controversial family, the Duke of Sussex has recaptured in London to convince the scientist who was known The Hubb Community Kitchen & # 39;, which he co-worked with months on a recipe book that was released in September.

The return journey of woman Prince Harry Alarm community community, where a pleasant initiation has started by women who are beaten by the fire of the Grenfell tower To help those who have lost their home in the tragedy, it is aimed to show how the funds with your project could open the opening hours of # 39; Expanding the kitchen, it has seven days to work in the week and the number of lunches that are all prepared and that there are now plenty of room for women or housewives and nursing homes .

Her husband was not just a family visit – the last time she was in January in her room – as Meghan did not give up her mouths, put on her shoulder and help make more of 200 ships that only have to send this Wednesday.

In addition, she is also invited to start playing her good friend Clare Smyth, proudly looking at the work of volunteers, with whom she has worked as a medical professional.

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De future mother She has once demonstrated her spontaneity and evolution by everyone present when she and she come in her old funeral on a wooden component over her bulb.

Only a public representation is compliant with all the rumors in recent days on the heaviest character of # 39; were durable circulation or their possessions with the palace or even Isabel II itself, to their Hollywood Hollywood & # 39; way to get her new Institutional role is being forgotten and once again talking about the inept character of the previous actress.

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