Thursday , April 22 2021

Maluma fans do not approve of their striking change of look

We can say this Maluma He has tried everything in the sense of his image: long, short, sharp hair, with and without a beard … And even then he is still found to be able to conquer us. The singer of Mala Mia & # 39; just picked up again Instagram With an image of her new look with arts, but this time the result doesn't come from her fans.

For many young people, Maluma is a fashion reference for her outfits hard and always to the last door. The reggaeton has visited many events in that sector, in partnership with Dolce & Gabbana in Milan in January 2018.

But the interpreter of & # 39; Happy the 4 & # 39; does not always come into line with his image changes. This is exactly what has happened with the last time he has been trying with a haircut we have never seen and that it does not have the approval of all his followers.

A few hours ago, I published in Instagram the photo that showed that radical change. It's a selfie in which you show the singer how he looks his head now, and made habitual places in a Jamaican style. Combine the pickup with a beard and a mouthful of several weeks. "Un flowcito" he wrote to & # 39; a bottom of & # 39; an image with an emotion of a flame.

In the comments, the indifference of his fans is evident, and that these women do not overcome them much. They did not find weeks, they compared to other artists when they said, "If you go from Maluma to Don Omar". However, he does not appear to be beard: Nena has it happened as a forgotten puzzle, you have to organize it, just to get you a pantyhose location right now. singing singer and even those who love it.

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