Monday , August 8 2022

"Latin Grammy nomination is like my second debut"


Venezuelan singer María Rivas, with 35 years of artistic experience, received her first Latin Grammy nomination in 2018 in the album's most famous traditional tropical album category. Reason, The interpreter is the first in seven years.

Motivos is the work of bassist Miguel Chacon and was created under the name Angel Falls Artists. The album always reflects the desire Rivas pays tribute to the beach, Latin American music and especially Aldemaro Romero.

A few years ago, the singer got cancer from the lungs. So this record has had a lot of meaning since the day of release, and it is the first time that an artist has presented the award given by the Latin Recording Academy.

When he heard about his Latin Grammy nomination: "I called Aldemaro with Alfredo Nanajo and Carabobo Symphony Orchestra and told me that" We had a whole day of celebration. I soon realized that when you harvested, the Latin Grammy nomination is like my second debut. "

Rivas, however, does not have this designation. Because the official ceremony of Latin Grammy will be at the Hollywood Music Awards, I dance for you.(Ruth Pollack Pappas) and is working in the Latin category (Traditional).

– What do you think of the music currently produced in Venezuela?

– What is happening in Venezuela is shocking. The music got bigger and won many awards. Nonetheless, the excellence of male artists for female artists continues. It should also be taken into account that there is a new trend before and after the new trends such as reggaeton and traps that show human factors of decline in my opinion. However, Venezuelan music continues to have great affection.

– How did you decide to set a new record while you were ill?

– Cancer was so strong that I expected death. I just did immunotherapy that won the Nobel Prize for Medicine this year. At that time I got the support of many friends and it was the idea of ​​the label I worked on in 1995, so I was collecting the songs I recorded. New things, among them, Reason Ítalo Pizzolante giving the title of the album.

– What projects are there after the awards ceremony?

– I signed a contract with the Karabovo Symphony Orchestra to perform a project called Arte en Extremadura, which combines audio visual, visual and musical art. In this way, I want to continue teaching popular music with more than 20 repertoires. I plan to make tribute to Aldemaro Romero in favor of the reconstruction of Venezuela with Orquesta Gran Mariscal de Ayacucho, who grew up with me.

Latin Grammys will be screened on Thursday at the MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas.


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