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Jhonder Morales was "sold out" in Maracaibo.


November 14, 2018 – 5:37

The unforgettable night was the night the singer lived. Jorda Morales While rejoining the Julian Stage at the InterContinental Hotel next door to his friend Junior Diaz, the audience exhausted the concert ticket for the highest peak of the ballet.

Young talent conquered his followers in the Gala in front of Chinita's fair by performing a repertoire on La Combinación Vallenata, "En cuerpo y alma" and Martín Elías Díaz's "Tell Me I Love You" theme. Iván Villazón of Kaleth Morales was "Lucky", Diomedes Díaz, "Tres Noches", Jesús Manuel Estrada "The Person of My Life", Silvestre Dangond.

"Sold out" showed that the artist is supporting his potential clients with his career and growing romance. At the concert he spoke with the audience for almost three hours, chatting with Churo Díaz's "El Rey" song, Peter Manjarrez from Binomio de Oro "Take me to the sky with me", "I found him" Jean Carlos Centeno Said, "I told you so" by Churo Díaz with "El pasado es pasado" in two singles of Silvestre Dangond and "Isocentes" and "Si mujer es lo hay hay".

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