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It is the largest plan in history


November 21, 2018 10:42 PM
Updated on 21 Nov, 2018 11:07 PM

María Corina Machado, National Coordinator of Venezuela Venezuela, said Wednesday the occupation that Alejandro Andrade, former shoe keeper, was in & # 39; the government of # end of # President Chávez, who was told that he had been criminally fined for a billion dollar, is one of the "greatest plans" of the history of # 39; man "

"One only talks about a dice of more than a billion dollar ($) Can you imagine what a mother thinks with her year and a half baby and she could not get the first vaccine What he thinks is how many vaccines with one of dozens of luxury watches have paid, they just have one of the fines who have said that if everything is known, it will be concluded that it's the largest places in & # 39; the history of man is, "said Machado in an interview NTN24.

The opposition leader indicated that the case of corruption "declares" the behavior of different opposition leaders.

"There are many things in the Venezuela that have gloomy criminal networks in the world confronted Islamist terrorism & terrorism that has been misunderstood, # 39; t is financed through drug trafficking, "he said.

"In Venezuela the Mafia is the state, the board has only the resistance movement," he said. The opposition leader said that the government of Nicolás Maduro was just saddened as a mechanism to deal with politics, and that a possible political change could be made "by force", in spite of what his counterfeiters say.

"The outcome of Venezuela is by force, but power is not violent, it is our duty to choose between submission or death, I deny that blackmail, Venezuela's guilt is freedom," he said.

With information from NTN24

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