Thursday , June 24 2021

In La Plata a woman died of hantavirus, and it is the first fatal case in province :: Info White on Black

He was 34 years old and died in IPENSA

According to Télam, the woman, who was identified as Tays Pérez in "industrial area" and according to the first information distributed by the Health Portfolio, worked on the contact of direct contacts with Télam. the rodent fills it up. "


A 34-year-old woman died on Saturday from hantavirus in a clinic IPENSA, from La Plata, where he was set a day ago with symptoms of illness, Telam told medical sources and provincial health ministry. In this way, there are already six cases in the province of Buenos Aires and that of Tays Pérez is the first death by this virus in & # 39; a province. She was a neighbor of Castelli.

The state-national company stated that "the girl was added and interned in La Plata's health center in one serious state, and according to the protocol of action, the clinic sent samples it analyzed" being in the autonomous city institute of Buenos Aires Aires, where it was a few hours ago confirmed that the patient had contracted Hantavirus ".

Info WHITE ABOUT BLACK he arrived IPENSA and advised on administrative staff, who denied that Tays Pérez had died. If we showed Télam's cable, a collaborator told us: "In-service archives ago have told us it was still serious and that we are not talking, it is the only thing we can report. official part, think we are just learning about you, here there are no other data that & # 39; t circulate. "

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