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I'm not a bug in Gorrin or Andrade


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Emilys Sarache / November 28, 2018- Renowned journalist Luis Chataing, following the exception of Alejandro Andrade's son, decided to publish a video on his Facebook social network where he confirms that he would not be defined as "instigating" by a message he published by his Twitter five years ago.

"I will respond to the two groups of people who are in social networks, the first to the unforeseen and the other to the Christian, that's a dream campaign want to make it the only one that it has to fulfill to share Venezuela's, "said Chataing. a video

And he went on: "In the last cities they have rented a tweet that I published five years ago, where I mention Seguros La Vitalicia, and with this publication, people will believe in believing that I am a subject I've been to the maker of Raul Gorrin and Alejando Andrade, which is invisible, is impossible in my case. "

He also gave "to God's will, if there is anything that can not be tolerated with me, is stuck."

"I think the most important thing to do is that justice has been done, although 10 years of prison is nothing to do with Andrade's crime and what Gorrin has done, we will see something in the Gorrin case," he said.

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