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Humanitarian aid is less for the emergence of a crisis in Venezuela International

Daughters know that thousands of patients die without treatment in Venezuela. Improvements to impotence, ended in & # 39; people at & # 39; end of May to the Red Cross headquarters headquarters to request humanitarian aid delivery to various country hospitals.

Spending are the last hope of saving life. Ana Rosario Contreras, in veterans, led the caravan. "We knew that a medicine transhipment had been introduced, but we had no certainty about what he had introduced and what his distribution would be", he says. The demons were weak by the death of six children at José Manuel de los Ríos Hospital, but after they talked to representatives of the Venezuelan Red Cross they confirmed that they had to wait. Incoming help is not enough to replace the deficiency by a country that does not have war, but has similar effects.

In the first phase, the Reduction Plan plan is expected to benefit 650,000 people. But in April, UN Assistant Secretary General for Humanitarian Affairs Mark Lowcock said that help is needed for seven million people in Venezuela. Everyone knows that the solution can be independent and the propagation of the political conflict and crisis has the distortion of & # 39; discuss the removal, to & nbsp; & nbsp; the situation of & # 39; s countries is becoming increasingly prevalent with the hyperinflation that the Venezuela deserves the electricity crisis They learn a great deal from the states of the country and the lack of fuel, which began to limit its over-eating foods, in & # 39; a midst of conflict between Chavismo and the battle for the transition of Juan Guaidó.

In February, the Bureau announces a high commissioner of & # 39; The United Nations for Refugees (UNHCR) states that the number of Venezuelan people abroad reaches 3.4 million. Three months later, a new bureau report has reported that over four million people, 600,000 more, are in & # 39; during 6,000 a day & # 39; In the midst of the worst crisis and even with slots, figure it out in the cabinet Jorge Arreaza, he asked to believe it was a strategy against Nicolás Maduro's government.

For Feliciano Reyna, director of & nbsp; NGO Acción Solidaria, humanitarian need is not very resolute. Although progress was made in activating the mechanics of & # 39; The United Nations and Maduro accepted the humanitarian support of the Red Cross, the entry of help has not yet materialized and, in parallel, princes grow in the land. "Survival is at risk here. In 2015, the tsunami's well began to set up and destroy all the land. You have to make great efforts to stop this damage," he explains.

With the necessity that causes the uncomfortable exodus, it is about serving millions of patients with various chronic illnesses. In May, a report of & # 39; the international NGO ACAPS contained that & # 39; t humanitarian crisis & # 39; Conserving a world, considering the situation to be high, considering that 14.9 million people in Venezuela earn humanitarian aid, which is more than half the population. These are people, Reyna points out, their survival is at risk, so much they had to leave the country.

For the Social Monitoring Humanitarian Aid Monitoring Committee in Parliament, the dimensions of a crisis are as much as 19.8 million Venezuelans, of whom 6.9 million do not get access to medicines due to the lack and high cost of the couple those are available. In addition, 324,000 children under the age of five are insecure. The songs presented at the beginning of June draw, according to the deputy, the scenario of a humanitarian catastrophe.

The activist recognizes the importance of filing pieces of crime as humanitarian aid with the entry of Maduro for the first time, but believes that since 2016 many Venezuelan NGOs are vulnerable groups. "That gives a firm basis for mobilization. But we must, as the road of political conflict requires, it is necessary, imperative, it is not possible to say it, to open up humanitarian space completely so that national or international actors can fill in the country's highs, his organization, Acción Solidaria, provides months of medical treatments for 15,000 patients through the problems of Venezuela.

Although the humanitarian need was declared by the National Assembly since 2016, on April 16, 24 tonnes of humorous help from the International Red Cross were formally introduced: electrical plants, water treatment pills, hygiene products, and some medicines were spread among several hospitals and communities. However, the arrival does not mean ongoing help. Earlier this month, Mario Villarroel, the president of the treaty in Venezuela, acknowledged that, although they had the autonomy to help, they needed to deliver Nicolás Maduro's government authorization.

The declaration was followed by the drawing of a "road map" between the Venezuela Ministry of Social Affairs and the International Federation of the Red Cross and Red Crescent to augment Venezuela. They also signed a deal with the Russian company Gerofarm to make ininsin in Venezuela. However, Chavism believes the humanitarian crisis is at the forefront of international aid, calling it interference. The blockade that has been established by Maduro's government in finding solutions to the crisis has transformed humanitarian work into dozens of NGOs in the country for three years in almost secret activities.

Controversy over a corruption complaint

Luis Almagro, Secretary General of the United States Organization, asked Friday to investigate a complaint on & # 39; published a website Panam post on an intended reimbursement of funds that were influenced internationally by Juan Guaidó's embassy addresses, president of the National Assembly, in & # 39; a border town of Cucuta, Colombia. The article, based on a Colombian intelligence source, suggests that two popular Voluntad militants, who are not the ones to serve the military and their deported families from Venezuela, began to read.

Guaidó explained that the delegation in Colombia is dealing with "dissemination" and "economic constraints" the situation of the military in that country. "To complain about the complaints, I ask Ambassador Humberto Calderón Berti to ask for forms of Colombian intelligence for the necessary research. Transparency first!"

The payments are not limited to Colombia. In Venezuela, humanitarian aid is being administered by the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies, which are governed by protocols and have their own control committee. A few days ago, a group of hospitals in Caracas asked for the mechanisms of the body to earn tense. Your doubts about the work of the Red Cross are based on the lack of public data. But the international organization, with due care, has provided information about its activities.

Mercedes de Freitas, director of NGO Transparencia Venezuela, decided that it needed to get the details of & # 39; publishing donations to prevent confusion and even corruption. "Humanitarian aid will not be enough for all needs (…) What does that mean? If it is inadequate, there is a risk of being the largest incentive for corruption in a minority. "The questions that were introduced in Venezuela, but it is important to be careful with the office of a senior controller and for the population to know details," he explains.

The expert calls for corruption to be great in the country. "It is not surprising that people want to control. Annually, billions of dollars have been donated for annual budgets… Even in former president Hugo Chavez, sources have cured enough for building six large hospitals, none of which have been completed. have not even begun to build, but the finds were beneficial and we do not know what happened to that money, "he says.

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