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Huawei phones use reports on their screens

In the past few days, Huawei has raised smartphone owners a wealth of complaints and complaints, which they & # 39; t point out that the & # 39; stop a mobile phone from advertising. In particular it is advertisements for Booking, a request for reservation for hotel agreement.

According to the judgments of the destroyed users, the surprising character of present and past comments or confirmation questions appeared. The Chinese technological giant says it is not responsible for it.

"These ads are not sent by Huawei," said the company in comments on digital trends. "We recommend people to check the configuration of your application, or to follow published instructions on how to remove your ads from the blockade screen," Huawei advises.

The benefit of such advertisements also affected the new model P30 Pro, which came a few months ago at a sale with a minimum price of 999 euros.

According to Gizmodo, the problem is probably related to the EMUI mobile operating system, which the Chinese company uses in most of its smartphone devices and has submarm Honor. This agreement is based on the fact that Honor users also block reported receiving unsolicited advertisements from their phones.

According to the media, the ads are listed on & # 39; smartphones & # 39; displayed, whether or not they have installed the Booking application. In addition, the board seems to have a global dimension: thus, although it has already been reported by Spain, Norway, Germany and South Africa, among other countries.

How to remove screen bidding?

To remove these unwanted ads on your wallet, the user can remove the use of a Booking application on their device or simply delete the annoying feature & # 39; disable settings.

For this last, you must open the phone directory, select & # 39; Main screen and wallpaper & # 39 ;, choose & # 39; Change Changes & # 39; and select & # 39; Featured Huawei & # 39 ;.

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