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How to set a holiday mode on WhatsApp so that certain contacts do not bother you

We will explain you how to set a “holiday mode” in WhatsApp, so that the contacts you choose do not bother you as long as you would like. We will do this by playing with the system of permanently archiving conversations, so that people related to your work do not disturb you during your free days.

Here you should know that WhatsApp does not have a holiday mode, You may see it mentioned in some medium, but it’s not really. What happens is that when WhatsApp started experimenting with permanently archiving conversations, this feature called Holiday mode, although it later changed its name. But the idea is good, and the concept is valid, so we’ll tell you how to do it equivalent.

What we are going to do here is keep the conversations of all contacts related to your work archivedBy doing this, conversations with these people will not appear on the main screen, and you will also not receive a notification when they write to you, making it easier to connect.

Set a holiday mode on WhatsApp


The first thing you need to do is archive the conversations you do not want to bother during the holidays. For this you must first select the users you want to archive (1) keep your finger on them, and then, click the archive button (2) that you have at the top right. On iOS it’s easier, and you just have to swipe the conversation to the right on the main screen.

Press Archived

If you’ve archived people’s conversations, you do not want to be disturbed on holiday, remove the section from Archive via WhatsApp. On both Android and iOS, the option will appear at the top.

Archive settings

Once within the section Archive, you will see all the individual conversations and groups that you have decided to archive. Here, you must click on the option Archive settings, On Android you will see it by clicking on the button with three dots at the top right. On iOS, you need to click on the option Edit top right.

Nabteber archived conversations

Once you have the Archive settings, the only thing you have left is activate the option Keep conversations archived, This option will apply to all conversations, individually and group, that you archive your decisions. From now on, these will not be archived when someone talks to you, unless you disable the option.

In Config

You will also find the option of Keep chats archived in WhatsApp settings, without having to enter the specific archive. It is within the options of Chat, called in a category Chat archived.

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If you want this process to become a holiday mode, you can keep the conversations of all your work-related contacts archived, so that when they write to you, you do not see their conversations on the main screen or receive a notification.

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