Tuesday , May 11 2021

HIV in Chile: Minister Santelices is called to the Social Commission and criticizes government camps | National

Senator PPD and member of secret secretary, Guido Girardi, called the Minister of Health, Emilio Santelices, to find concrete solutions for the HIV figures Published by the latest Untfongenions of Onusida survey.

According to the survey, Chily is part the 10 countries with the highest riseof HIV.

The deputy says the figures reflect the absence of a state policy and that it is necessary to bring sexual intercourse closer to youth.


Girardi notes Get campaigns in mobile applications, such as Grindr of Tinder, and other reports or prophylactic therapies in colleges and universities.

An analysis of the Universidad Diego Portales, issued by La Tercera, did Minsal's HIV prevention campaigns have great mistrust, to include generic messages and to spare targets.

The senator, Francisco Chahuán, said that More resources are needed for advertising, not delivering the 400 million annual standard campaigns annually.


The chairman of the Vivo Positivo group, Manuel Jorquera, said that today's policy will be, to not see the whole population and using obsolete and conservative instruments, such as abstinence.

The activist, Víctor Hugo Robles, stated that The initiatives are well received as long as they are not for political purposes.


The meeting between the Social Commission and Santelissen strives for creation of a work table which includes, among other things, its governments the government, the parliament and members of the scientific world.

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