Friday , July 30 2021

God of the War celebrates his first anniversary with an emotional video and giving a dynamic theme and a pack of avatars

This week will be a very special event, to be April 20 a year, because the last God of the other came into stores. Even so, the game is off Sony Santa Monica it has become one of the best ones published in 2018In many price gala, such as the BAFTA, the Game Developers Choice Awards or the Game Awards.

The team responsible for this masterpiece feels horribly happy because of the huge reception that Kratos has his last adventure. That's why he wanted to go through the Sony blog to thank the fans for all the support they gave you In all these months, it & # 39; t lead them to publish a video, show how this God is from & # 39; intended for everyone.

Of course, we can see messages from all kinds of messages, painting walls, writing the characters, creating scenarios with LEGO slices, sculptures, drawings, short films and much more that you see below to be able.

However, there are not all surprises. Sony Santa Monica wanted to give all PS4 users a great gift, so it will free download of a dynamic theme with the bottom of & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & # 39; a Nine with Kratos and Atreus and will also enter avatars pack.

God of War - PS4 Dynamic Theme

Both will be available this week and it will not be necessary to make a copy of God of War with them. In addition, the study has indicated that will decide this week to celebrate this first anniversarySo we do not believe that we will find an extra wonder in the coming days.

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