Sunday , May 16 2021

[FOTOS] This would be like the Samsung Galaxy S10

The series "Galaxy S" of Samsung is one of smart phones The most popular brand and it is one of most important devices for the South Korean company.

But one of the current flagships of the company, the Galaxy S9, His days would be counted, some photos have already appeared that would match the successor of this device, the Samsung Galaxy S10.

The South Korean state always gives a new version of 'Galaxy S' late February or early March, with the date of 'e Mobile World Congress, the most important mobile phone fair in the world.

Last Wednesday, OnLeaks, a Twitter account attached apps of future devices, uploaded images of How would be the next high end of Samsung, highlighted by the presence of a For all screens and a knife or "noker" lie on the right side of the panel.

In addition, the device would have a Double camera on front and four cameras on & # 39; s; back.

Meanwhile, the fingerprint reader would be removed from the rearto be Integral directly on the screen.

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<p itemprop=After the revelation of this filtering, the PhoneArena portal recorded that photography would fail to the future flag of South Korea and that It was in a test phase in a factory that was heard in the company.

Galaxy S10 prototype "data-alt =" prototype Galaxy S10 "data-credit =" Slash Leaks "data-title =" Prototype Galaxy S10 "src =" / 1544390462-s10-beyond-2-with-a-leak-film-is-being-tested-at-samsung-factory.jpg "style =" margin-right: 10px; margin-bottom: 10px; max-width: 100%; "title =" "/></p>
<p itemprop=For the moment, Samsung has not mentioned this leak, but the truth is that we have to wait until end of February or early March, when the company announces its "Unpacked" event and Present to the world the successor to the Galaxy S9.

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