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Farmacia Locatel de Caracas starts accepting crypto quizzes | CryptoNews

The clients of Locatel Pharmacy's operator can make their payments by using their funds that they provide in the AirTM platform, a switching service and crypto quiz service.

The business published the information This Thursday, June 13, note that, In addition to payments, people can & # 39; t be interested in benefiting from this agreement, but can also return bolivars to checkout. Locatel users can offer crypto codes, such as bitcoin (BTC), litecoin (LTC), dogecoin (DOGE) and dai (DAI), among others, and also manage their AirUSD, trading the sphere with which finds in their platform

It must be assumed that this service It is only available in a Locatel branch, located on Vargas Street, Bolíta Norte, in the city of Caracas, capital of the Caribbean country. Locatel would work with AirTM to increase this new service to other branches in Caracas and the rest of the country, according to said by the company of the company.

Venezuela is one of the countries with the largest area of ​​AirTM services. The company had $ 7 million in funding, so this country would be one of its major brands. It even made economically supported campaigns for the South American people, especially in the middle of & # 39; the economic crisis that teaches the country.

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