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Experts suggest strengthening preventive measures in lower temperatures


Guadalajara November 30, 2018.- Ministry of Health Jalisco (SSJ) asked the population to strengthen preventive measures in # 39; The low temperatures that are registered in the state to receive respiratory infections in children under four years and adults in & nbsp; the winter of 60 years.

At a press conference, the doctor appointed the Preventive Medicines Division, David Paz Cabrales Balderas, re-determined that Winterplan is a strategy that provides the dependence on preventing respiratory infections and their complications.

"They are preventive measures that are being administered in the session of health care to try to increase the effects that have gone far beyond the Jalisco population to be able", he said.

He stated that the most important thing as of Winter plan It is the medical care of people who require it when they go to health insurance.

Cabrales Balderas stated that simultaneously an empowerment campaign will be carried out so the population is protected against respiratory diseases.

"The immigration campaign against influenza is implemented, in addition to the fact that biologicals such as pneumococcal and rotaviruses are applied, and vaccines fit for any age group, or it can."He said.

He considered it important that the risk groups, such as children under five years old, those with hypertension, diabetes, asthma, severe women, and all the medical staff in the process of infection.

He indicated that situations that are specific for the season, such as carbon monoxide poisoning and preventative disorders at home by the State Commission for the Prevention of Jalisco (CEPAJ), are also addressed.

He said that under the recommendations of SSJ completed the faculty plan according to age and season.

Eat foods and supplements high in Vitamin C and D; preventable changes temperature and warn when it is omitted; Do not have self-adhesive and vaccine places where there are contaminants.

Under the preventive measures to prevent flu: Vaccinate against flu; wake your hands; Pull the nose and mouth with a weight or inside of your elbow when your cough or sneeze.

Do not face your face with sweet hands; spit spit or does not do it in a design tissue, money can put in a muzzle and wash your hands; treated hygiene at home, office, meeting centers; leave the rooms and imagine the sun.

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