Friday , April 23 2021

Europe wants to have the opportunity to study for a mission at the month of 2025

The European Space Agency (ESA, for its English acronym) gave researcher ArianeGroup an opportunity to allow the month of 2025 to be at a month, which would be a first for the continent.

"The return trip to the month is possible," said André-Hubert Roussel, director of the party, on Monday, proclaiming himself "convinced that the conquest of space is essential to the future of & # 39; in & # 39; general. "

"Europe needs to put itself in place," he continues, in 2019 marks the fiftieth anniversary of & # 39; the first steps of & # 39; an American Neil Armstrong at the month. "The ESA strives to establish and why not make an expedition for future exploration."

In this context, ArianeGroup signed a contract with the European Federal Republic. The command should be intended for the purpose of operating regolit, a mineral where it is possible to create water and sewage, resulting in an autonomous human presence at & # 39; make a month positive and also need to make the capabilities for further exploration missions, according to a group's explanation. .

Such a mission is something for Europe, though it is not yet about sending people to the moon.

In addition, only three countries have launched on the lunar surface, 384,000 km of earth: Russia, the United States and China, which recently made the landscape of an artifact on the hidden side of & # 39; a satellite. This world confirmed the land as a space shuttle.

The United States and Russia, but also India or Israel, are also in races, including international cooperation in some projects.

The research commissioned by ArianeGroup, you & # 39; t end in & # 39; presented a year, part of ESA's global plan is to make Europe an important partner in exploration [espacial] In the coming decade, "said David Parker, director of the Human Exploration and Robotics branch of the European Bureau.

"The use of space resources could end up as the key for a lasting discovery of a month," he said.

The means from one month to another go from basalt to helium 3, a cut isotope on earth, but common in & # 39; a star that uses this theory to generate energy for earth.

But the main goal of & # 39; s researchers is water in & # 39; an ice from & # 39; months of & # 39; remove a month to divide it into hydrogen and oxygen; two gases that can be separated from the bum.

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