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Essential among doctors for diabetics

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One in four people who live with diabetes diabetic foot, a condition that when not treated properly will cause a disability and in extreme cases death can lead, he said. Efe the doctor Karina Kingdom.

"People who do not learn diabetes Often, these complexes get they have no good control of # e sickness; One fact, but one in four checks their glucose well, "said the neolithic to the Guadalajara Hospital Hospital.

In fact, he stated that 85% of world floods worldwide are associated with the diabetes.

In Mexico, according to the World Health Organization (WHO), about 12 million people live with diabetes.

Reinoirs declare that of people who amputate and believe in diabetes, 7 of & # 39; 10 deaths after five years of stamina, and if the patient also suffer from 'Chronic Kidney Disease' and underdeveloped dialysis life expectancy is 2 years after the loss of his member.

The doctor Irma Luisa Ceja Martínez, medical manager of endocrinology and nutrition PiSA GroepHe said that diabetic poor diabetes, kidneys and kidneys arteries of the body.

"This infection, known as neuropathy, the skin changes and the feeling is lost, which does not cause the pain of a wound to be lost in # 39; The lowering in the roundabout provides a lifelong healing, "said the specialist.

If the wound will not close, he said, it is very easy to be ratified and become word ulcer, the size or growth can be deepened and affect the tendencies and the bottom Osteomyelitis.

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"De Osteomyelitis is still complicated to deal with and increase the risk of gangrene en amtification"said the expert.

According to the National Survey of Health and Nutrition 2016Only two of all 10 Mexican adults with diabetes underwent a contamination in last summer; while one diagnosed in 10 patients vineyards as complication of diabetes.

In addition, four of 10 diabetics pain or loss of feeling in the heart of # 39; The feet and two of 10 could not go any more than six minutes without the ability to feel.

As a result, the Arzneibian PiSA Biotechnology today has a biotechnological medicine which helps to lower the risk suffering.

"The medicines have an active principle Human Epidermal Growth Factor Recombinant that stimulates and increases granulation and progressive healing, "said Ceja Martínez.

The specialist stated that this medicine, combined with conventional therapy, More than 350,000 patients were surveyed in a total of 25 countries around the world and showed that the time has passed slipping of & # 39; e won.

"This increases the recreational period and increases the viability of people who have been incomprehensible in their feet due to the diabetes"he said.

He stated that one ulcer It took six months to close, when this medicine is used, the period is sold to four or more months.

Dr. Reincarnated since suffered from the main causes diabetic foot are bad circulation, dance of skin and neuropathy damage to nerves.

He stated that it is essentially to take good care of the feet to prevent it complications.

Under the recommendations for prevention, the preservation of good control of blood sugar, Make sure to eat, try the doctor regularly and periodically clinical studies to help evaluate Renal function.

"You also need to check the feet, clean with water and neutral soap, they are good for bathing, cook cream or oil everyday, besides suitable for a podiatrist and choose suitable shoe," said the expert.

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