Sunday , May 29 2022

Dragon Ball Super | Details of Guine, the mother of Goku, are finally offered


One of the films of Dragon Ball Z Produced us to the original planet of 'Saiyan and the character of Bardock, a warrior with the gift of prophecy that opposes to Freezer and sent his son Kakarrot to the planet earth to save it. This story will be in the new movie of # 39; newly invented Dragon Ball Super and we will have the look of a new character, Goku's mother, Guinea.

At present, we have some conceptual images of the character and some details about his personality. We know that it is interpreted Naoko Watanabe, that has already done in Dragon Ball Milk (Chi-chi) and Puar, we also know that it's a logical race saiyajin and has a nice personality, that's a unique great feature in the race, perhaps Son Goku Did he invade this mother's characteristic?

It should be shown that This character already exists of 'Dragon Ball Minus' manga, there will be the film which will capture scenes such as Bardock and Guine say goodbye to Kakarotto with the same words as the trailer.

In another news, the new season of Dragon Ball Super manga signed by Toyotaro, the official successor of Akira Toriyama, is all overwhelmed because Goku has been defeated by one new character in recent leaks.

About Dragon Ball Super: Broly

The film "Dragon Ball Super: Broly " this will be released December 14 in Japanese cinema and his familiar version in Latin Spanish is expected in our cinemas January 17

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