Sunday , April 18 2021

Dollar today to Argentine peso pri January 22, 2019 in Banco Nacion de Argentina and interbank mark | Price from blue dollar USD to ARS | World

The dollar is closed today by 37.81 Argentine pesos. The price of a dollar is higher than the day, according to the Bank of the Nation from Argentina.

The price of dollar Start it January 22, 2019 in Argentina without variants in sales cost and is 37.81 Argentine Peso in the finance market, according to the average that the interbank brand is performing hard.

Evolution from one dollar to Argentine peso 2019, according to current Central Bank

On the other hand, the monetary authorities do not yet want to register the registrations, although a future starts in this year 2019 is not ruled out by the dollar's purchase of the & # 39; e Argentine Peso Against the high inflation that's last seen.

Dollar exchange rate to Argentine pesos

5 USD 189.06
USD 10 378.13
USD 20 756.26
USD 50 1890.65
USD 100 3781.30
USD 500 18906.50
1000 USD 37813.00

Dollar blue: purchase price and sales price in Argentina

De dollar blue, black dollar or parallel parallel dollar, is how the US dollar is known to buy in illegal money in Argentina.

This Friday is the dollar blue In Argentina, the day-to-day quotation for Argentine pesos sales of 37.00, while in sales of 39.00 pesos.

The Argentine debt

Dollar blue: purchase price and sales price in Argentina

This Tuesday, the dollar blue In Argentina it has a 0.4% comparison and closed the day with a quote for the purchase of 36,70 Argentine pesos, while in the sale it is 38.75 pesos.

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