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De dollar price in Venezuela, it was above 4 digital bolivars over the weekend, while the head of the Venezuelan parliament demanded that the European Union comply with the election agreement.

The exchange rate was traded at 4.14 bolivars per dollar in the parallel as well as informal market, according to data from the platform DolarToday.

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According to the EFF Agency, the President of the Venezuelan Parliament, Jorge Rodríguez, this Sunday demanded the High Representative of the European Union (EU) for Foreign Affairs, Josep Borrell, that he comply with the agreement signed in the national elections. of the National Council (CNE) on the observation mission for the November 21 elections.

“It was a flagrant violation of the agreement signed by the National Electoral Council (CNE) which strictly states that the sovereignty of Venezuelans must be respected. If he (Borrell) has political roles there within the EU, then that is his problem “Rodríguez said during his participation in the rehearsals for the regional and local elections in November.

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Borrell defended on Friday, during an informative breakfast organized by the Nueva Economía Forum, in Madrid, that the mission “will guide the opposition”, because “it is a greater guarantee for them” that EU observers will be present to control the system. check. “.

“If the opposition decides to go and that is a path that makes it possible to open a hole and achieve a greater institutionalization of the opposition, will I then say that I am not sending an election observation mission because the elections are fraudulent?”, claimed the Vice-President of the European Commission.

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“Well, I’m encouraging you to come forward when I’m already saying they’m fraudulent.”Borrell added about an opposition that for the most part will run in the elections for the first time since 2017.


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