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Díaz no acatará sentencia que los desconoce como presidente de la FCU-UC


Marlon Díaz, president of the Federation of Universities of the Universities of Carabobo, said that he did not receive the sentence of the Supreme Court of Justice, as the case may be, as authorized as the real estate estates " acciones necesarias "for Jessica Bello tome posesión.

The estrogen, identifying with the official, will introduce a "violent violation of the act of suicide," and the result of the consolidation participation in 62, 63 and 70 constituent associations. The TSJ has "not existed and has jurisdiction over" the accusations of Luis Eduardo León, who has been accused of using the functions of the U.S. Electoral Commission of the UC to proclaim the deaths of more than 5,000 votes.

"It's just the bottom of the gobierno, the doorway of the volunteer workshop. No there are no legal rights and no permits that they deserve to be ", says Díaz.

Recordo que el celeste de celebradas el 14 de noviembre, e que los estudiantes acudieron a votar pese a violencia generada por grupos presuntamente vinculados con la officina, fue proclamado por la Comisión Electoral Estudiantil "elegida legítimamente en 2017".

"These are the acts representing the student's volunteer work and with a sentence that will not be more valuable than the autonomy of the universities. No, there will be a court to decide what is the study of the study ", as well as spending the document emitted by the TSJ martes in the night, informing El Carabobeño. Aseguró que esta medida es una contra de unidad estudiantil y la institución. "El gobierno ha querido atacar a la UC; They have declared the domination of the universe. Students have been studying and doing so through a sentencing after co-ordinating the study of elegance to their representatives. "

The UC Reporter, Jessy Divo de Romero, informs El Carabobeño that the abolition of the Consultative Council of the Institutions took place in Caracas to confront the Ampero Terminals. "The universe uses its own machines for the solution of its problems and it's been done by the Consejo Universitario, and its gobierno and how many decisions have been taken", recalls.

Expression that the Consejo Universitario will allow "external injuries in the day of decisions and the usurpation of its attributes and legal competencies".

Rechazo. Amalio Belmonte, secretary of the Universidad Central de Venezuela, said that the Ministry of Education, Superior Hugbel Roa, was awarded the palace at Jessica Bello and the National Conseil Universités realized in the Unefa. "Just as the one who went to the palace to legitimize a violent death of the democratic caricatures of the UC and the popular volunteer community."

Belmonte considers it is a violation of the autonomy of the universe and the Constitution, and the legitimacy of the jury that "has fallen down with 80% of the votes to imitate the presidential election."

"Desconocemos and Bello as President of the FCU-UC for the examinations of the students gradually disappeared and because of the electoral suspension of the violent officers and the intervention of the Rafael Lacava gobernador", asegur.

The fiscal general Luisa Ortega Díaz expresses on Twitter's interest that the sentence "ratifies the tiranus for securities to institute the imposition of their capitals and endorses the Venezuelan". Exhortó a "no acatar esta delictiva decisión que viola sus derechos".

Vulnera la autonomía universitaria

Aula Abierta, Epikeia, the Center for Human Rights and Human Rights of the Universal Central of Venezuela, the Human Rights Commission of the Faculty of Political Science and Political Sciences of the Universities of Zulia and the Universities of the Universities of the Universe Andes broadcast the sentencing of the Supreme Court of Justice who is ordained to the University of Carabobo "to guarantee the position of the position" of the official candidate Jessica Bello.

"The Decision of the Electional Election Observes a State Political Rule of Vulnerability to the University of Economics and the Libertadial Liberty, from 2010 to 2018, to document 50 decisions by the Judiciary, in the case of vulnerable esoteric causes," in a comunicado .

Exigieron al Estado responds the autonomy of universities and the electoral results reconciled to the Consejo Universidad de la Universidad de Carabobo.

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