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Create to avoid the distribution of dengue in & # 39; e Holy Week – Health – Life

This year, every week, an average of 2,000 people in the country of Dengue are infected, one of the viruses that the mosque & # 39; Can pass Aedes aegypti & # 39;

As a whole, According to data from the National Institute of Health (INS), there are over 25,000 columns that this disease has so far this year, 55 percent of them with warnings.

The reasons for the epidemic are different, according to the INS. First, around 715 Colombian municipalities are at risk of channel dumping, being below 2,200 meters above sea level, the altitude there can survive.

And second to & # 39; t, especially, This year is part of the epidemic cycle of this disease, which & # 39; t lead to an increase of & # 39; e associations in relation to the previous two years. In fact, there are several times that the country is fully accountable for the bad behavior of this evil.

Reminder for this region & # 39; s

Epidemic surveillance has made it possible to know with certainty what regions and cities are most empowered by the mosque.

The departments of Meta, North of Santander, Tolima, Huila, Cesar, Antioquia, Cordoba and Santander have contributed 63.3 percent of cases. Dengue at national level.

And the most influential cities are Cucuta, with 8.2 percent of all infections (1,914), Villavicencio (6% and 1,400), Neiva (3,6 and 848), Montería (2,8% and 659), Espinal ( 2.4% and 558), Cali (2.2% and 519), Granada (1.8% and 424), Santa Marta (1.8% and 412), Sincelejo (1.7% and 388). , Cartagena (1.6% and 387) and Barranquilla (1.5% and 347).

No note

In the midst of this epidemic panorama and so long-term holidays are not being categorized, the Social Ministry has just solved just that recommendations that do not pose a risk of drug abuse and at the latest reduce possible entry of dengueel and other diseases such as Zika and Chikungunya, also by the & # 39; Aedes aegypti & # 39; surrendered.

All are part of & # 39; campaign & # 39; Choose the wings to dengue & # 39 ;, which contain the citizens and health administrators in & # 39; a fight against this evil.

On a press conference, Social Affairs Minister Juan Pablo Uribe says that this information campaign is not about, rather the travel of & # 39; columns in & # 39; e Holy Week, but at the moment, for Achievements, Note that dengue is not enough fax, which bites the mosquito's day and lives mostly in & # 39; buildings.

Me, It is known that a man can become more than once ill from & # 39; dengue because of the four types of & # 39; a virus. And this cannot be consulted at any time may increase the likelihood of a lethal outcome.

"In our hands, the mosque is to be overcome. The solution is not only to fake, for this action only for adult mosques and not larvae and pupae," said the minister.

So if you want to go one of the cities with the most cases or, simply, to whole countries, pay attention to the following recommendations:

– Protect even with repellents (every minute request all 2 hours).

– Wear slow clothes and long pants.

– use mosquito nets or mosquito nets.

– Wake up your hands often and use healthy protection.

– Poor women, In addition to the above recommendations, they should have special attention. In the case of founder or outbreak, they must immediately check.

– If you come back from & # 39; Those who have symptoms related to pancreas, decay, abdominal pain, eye pain or a type of outbreak should consult correctly.

About dengue

Dengue is a real disorder you & # 39; s through the bite of & quot; mosquito & quot; & # 39; Aedes aegypti & # 39; It comes in tropical climates, especially in city and entire cities. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), Symptoms appear on average one week after the bite and are high in fever, accompanied by severe headaches or behind the eyes, muscles and scabs; mouth, waiting, enlarged lymph nodes or stroke. At present, there is no specific treatment, so the best measure for prevention and rapid medical consultation is to reduce their mortality.

Tools that can be accepted

Wash and brush and pollen All eight days to eliminate mugs from your walls.

The water-covered cops, Improving bumps in pathologies and public areas, eliminates riding or storage in locked areas.

Pierce the trips lying in play that can contain stagnant water in travel episodes.

Change it often water of animal drinks and phases.


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