Tuesday , November 30 2021

Correo del Caroní – Caribes gave signage of life


Puerto La Cruz.- With a strange attack of five races in the second chapter, Caribes de Anzoátegui confirmed the victory over Bravos de Margarita, the third in series, this time by a great margin of 11-2, at the Estadio Alfonso "Chico" Carrasquel.

Luis Jiménez and René Reyes worked well in their respective weeks, when they released homers. The first brought three to the rubber and the second two, which was contributed to the triumph of the aboriginals.

"It's a good start to start, we're coming out of the fight." The boys are trying to do the small things, we have to stay in touch to be more effective, enough to bond Antonio Armas, but true I do not see record, but to win games, I'm aiming to win, like the rest of boys, have not yet reached where we have to be, "said Jiménez, his whole lifetime home lived on 97, the most common for a left-hand slider in the history of # 39; e LVBP.

After the full round of "RR" in the closing of the second, Rafael Ortega brought the third with unobtrusive to the right.

But not everything was, when the house had made two more in that area by a mistake of the third baseman Daniel Mayora, which could not have Alexi Amarista higher, making it the advantage the home of Luis Sardiñas and Ortega.

In # 39 was Niuman Romero the sixth of # 39; e Anzoaatiguenses with unreliable cursor to the judge. In turn, Jiménez, with two in base, would have the right to increase the influence on the board after 9-0.

The last two of the house came in the seventh and eighth chapter, with the shot in the image of Tomás Telis and not to be occupied by Astudillo.

Braves made his only two strikes in the top of # 39; Eight, thanks to Jose Rojas' dual driving license.

The victory was Yender Caramo and the reverse for Luis Ysla.

Games for today

06:00 PM Bravo's Caribes

06:00 PM Aguilas Tiburones TVES

07:00 PM Lions Sailors DTVS / MTV

07:00 PM Cardinal Tigers TV Regional

Here is the table


Cardinal 34 22 12.647 –

Navigators 33 18 15.545 3.5

Lions 32 17 15 .531 4

Braves 34 17 17 .500 5

Eagles 32 15 17 .469 6

Tigers 30 14 16 .467 6

Caribs 33 14 19 .424 7.5

Sharks 32 13 19 .406 8

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