Monday , November 29 2021

Controlling growth and weight of girls is essential to prevent anorexia


"The ideal is to make a diet that contains foods from all groups, such as meat, legumes, legumes and high iron content to prevent complexes such as anemia," said the pediatric endocrinologist who is pediatric at the Pediatrician Hospital has been offered by the Mexican Institute for Insurance Social (IMSS) in Jalisco.

He warns that good nutrition levels are essential for physical development and hormonal functions in girls and adolescents.

In fact, the specialist found accompanied weight gain in youth, can lead to premature puberence, by the secretary of hormones.

"The soul finds critical mass, which causes hormones to the pituitary clan, so the uterus and eggs begin to grow, and this brings about the first menstruation that does not learn for 11 years," he said.

However, he said that anorexia or anemia, the toddler women at young age and even trust women can lead to amenorrhea, which is characterized by the lack of menstruation due to low hormonal productivity.

However, he adds that the weight and obesity remains an important epidemic at the national level, even more than the low weight under the petty-test.

They say that genetically the girls are more resistant to diseases, although it is necessary to maintain regular pediatric treatment. EFE

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