Friday , July 23 2021

Confirm a new case of mice in the country and there are four in & # 39; year

There are already four problems confirmed this year.

The Ministry of Health of the Nation issued an epidemiological warning for a mock infection in a 36-year-old man living in & # 39; a Santa Fe city of Rosaio, who would have contacted the Russian tourist in the late March in the house. in the city of Buenos Aires.

According to the official part, the man would have contacted the Russian tourist on a flight from Puerto Iguazu, Misiones, to Buenos Aires on March 16.

The new case "starts with 1st fever, add again [erupción en la piel] the other day. In & period of & # 39; He transferred through the city of Buenos Aires, traveled to Venezuela on a charter flight, and took part in social events in Rosario, "the Ministry of Health declared.

In addition, the authors reported that the problems were being processed by the Cemar Laboratory in Rosario and confirmed in the National Minutes Laboratory Anlis Carlos G Malbrán. "The patient shows a good evolution," he said.

"There have been four confirmed cases that have been reached in Argentina since the year 2019. The three former cases were imported and the current one is investigated," the report added.

Up to now, ten countries have in the United States boundaries of mouths & # 39; confirm a region. The latest epidemiological report of the Pan American Health Organization (PAHO), in & # 39; released last month, outbreaks and isolated cases from Canada to Argentina. Up to now, in contrast to last year, there were no deadly cases.

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