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Colonel García Palomo is not on the list of people Interpol wants.


A citizen, a holder

ND / Photo: VPITV / President Nicolás Maduro recently confirmed that Colonel Oswaldo García Palomo was needed as one of the financial authorities on charges of attacking him on Interpol on 4 August.

But a search in the list of people Web portal Noticierodigital's article by VPITV does not show that this institution is listed in the database.

"This is a banker, a man with multiple tickets, it's a banker, and he's asking Interpol to take him because he's involved in a frustrated assassination of me," Maduro said. VPITV.

On an audio broadcast on the social network on November 7th, a retired Colonel of GNB García Palomo accused the Maduro regime of allowing foreign and national armed groups to appear at the border.

The journalist Sebastiana Barráz argued that Garcia Palomo did not officially request the government of Venezuela. "Maduro pointed the colonel to the captain of the unmanned airplane, but he did not even ask, is not it strange?" He asked.

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