Friday , April 23 2021

Chandler Riggs only has a new series a year after its departure from & # 39; The Walking Dead & # 39; – Series News

The fate of his character in every series of zombies was a surprise to the boy.


Chandler Riggs already has a new series, the first since he stopped Carl Graimes The Walking Dead. The person who is responsible for the famous character of a zombie fiction of & # 39; to earn an AMC, ask the representative in an emotional episode, & # 39; Eardat & # 39; (8×09), released in February 2018. If the actor even recognizes in his tweet there if he has the good news, he has one year's job and is happy with his new project.

Four days ago I have been almost completely unemployed. Now I was set to & # 39; set a beautiful television show on my first working day. Real life changes dramatically fast

Chandler Riggs He has not prevented the name of the new series, which he works from, nor does he have any details for his character.

Last year in an event I recognized fans who are very close to getting some important roles, especially in Solo: a Star Wars story and in & # 39; t reboot fan Spiderman. "I love doing and giving classes of interpretation, I keep myself busy, as soon as I am in what, do not worry", he was sure.

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