Tuesday , October 19 2021

Because of the risk of having anemia feasible


Al mening the heart of the anemia casings are produced by the carencia de hierro, which can affect the physical aspect of such awareness as to the point where it can lead to the mourning if it has been admitted to it, according to a lawyer Yusimit Ledesma.

"The only need to produce hemoglobin, sustenance that allows them to transport and transport the organisms to the organism; An anemia ferropennica indicates that there is not enough strain, because the glutamous red blood cells can lead to adequately traumatic ", explains the medical director of the Mexican farmhouse.

Because of the deficiency of Hierro, Ledesma explains that anemia is a trauma in the sperm that is characterized by the pounding concentration of glutamic oxidants in the transport of oxides in the heart of the process of fisheries.

The account with the c Organización Mundial de la Salud (WHO), more than 1,620 millions of people were anemia, it decreased, 24.8% of the world population.

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