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Avengers 4 Endgame | How did Chris Evans play Captain America's role? We tell you the whole story Avengers | UCM | CMU | Comics

Nothing fell. Chris Evans It will be the last time Captain America in Avengers: End play. We do not know what the future of this character is, but we already have an idea Evans will leave the project UCM. We will tell you the whole story after this first Avenger.

Serving that in October 2018, Chris Evans has known that it plays the role of the premier leader Avengers: End play.

" I officially made Avengers 4. It was an exciting day, at least. Playing this role for the past 8 years is an honor. Everyone for the camera, behind the camera, and in the audience, thank you for the memories! First grateful", the actor published in his account Twitter.

We tell you how & # 39; its selection process would be famous Captain America, what the same Chris Evans appeared in various conversations for TV from & # 39;civil war& # 39;

How did Chris Evans play Captain America's role?

Chris Evans He told us that he did not accept the role the first time, but that he prayed for a while. The main reason for one's actors is that he wasn't sure if he wanted to do a long-lasting job.

" I was scared because it was a contract to make nine movies, and sometimes I find it hard to work in this sector. If you accept the movies one at & # 39; at the moment, if you decide you do not want to do something, they will give you the opportunity to come back and calibrate again. If you have signed a contract so fat, if you do not & # 39; fix it well, upload it and re-enter & # 39; new. Everything that shook me"commented the actor in time.

But besides his remarks about the contract, Evans had the other temptation to lead him to the role of his life several times:

" They asked me. I didn't say a few times, but they decided. I spoke with my family and friends, and began to understand that I didn't really say, "I was afraid, and you shouldn't worry about it." So I started to see it differently and I thought if it was scared I would just do myself to do that"

He also said he signed a contract for six movies at the beginning and would do his work with the film " The Avengers: Independence War"But Evans decided to expand for a while and added the fourth file, which means"Avengers Endgame"That will be released next April.

The future of Captain America

One, another character will be the mantle of Steve Rogers and it will be new Captain America.

In & quot; movies of Marvel We have never seen this happen, that a superhero is replaced by another character. However, this is somewhat comfortable that happens in cartoons and there are already candidates for the position.

If this is the way forward, the clearest options should be Bucky Barnes o Falcon. Both have become words Captain America in & nbsp; in comics, so don't forget to think the movies are doing it too.

The second option would be for the Captain to rest and continue with new characters in peace.

It is also a very lively option, sometimes Marvel You must stop on your big stars to continue the franchise. So it is very easy for them to leave the character and continue the saga with new faces.

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