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Avengers 4 Endgame | Captain Marvel recorded scenes without understanding what the plot of the movie was about Avengers | Mexico | Comics

An actor should consider what he needs to do for the camera to give himself the best of himself. But what happens if the production doesn't inform you about what your dreams are? First like this happened in filming Avengers: End play. The actress Brie Larsonwho does Captain Marvel , gave some interesting details of this experience.

According to the mighty lucky fan Avengers: End play, the secret of & # 39; s production to prevent any leakage is extreme.

" I had no idea what I was filming, what the movie was about. Not even if no one else was in the place. I don’t know. So I had a completely black session and I only read my rule. I will talk about it if it is released to & # 39; I can't give details now"He suggested an interview Increments.

You have to count on that Captain Marvel I was not familiar with the terrible conditions until Avengers: End play, because his solo film became after Avengers. For this reason, the version of Carol Danvers It is amazing in both movies.

" Brie Larson filmed Avengers: End play for your individual movie. Do & # 39; when he started experimenting with his team about what he wanted for his character"explained the Russo brothers, directors of & # 39; e Avengers.


"The serious course of events performed by Thanos, putting off half of the universe and removing the Avengers, contributes the survivors to positions in" Grand Conclusion "of & # 39; twenty-two movies of Marvel Studios: & # 39;Avengers: End play& # 39; "

Avengers: End play It's a movie that's regulated by the Russo brothers. The cast was made by Chris Evans, Robert Downey Jr., Scarlett Johansson, Brie Larson, Chris Hemsworth, among others. The premiere in Peru is scheduled for April 25th.

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