Saturday , May 28 2022

After obtaining weight gain, Danna Paola returns to Instagram with high picture


Danna Paola, there is now one of the most important stars in # 39; the famous Spanish series of gardeners Netflix, & # 39; Elite & # 39;, a few weeks ago began to critically criticize criticism by having a lot with some other kilitos, and that started a photo on Instagram, where they appeared with a dress with a bag print at the event 50th, that was done in October.

The famous and beautiful Mexican actress has since been the victim of her hard criticism for her Overweight & # 39;, there are several messages in her Instagram photos of hackers, but fortunate there are many people who donate and send their messages of love and love, where they say , that they do not justify this kind of criticism that in & # 39; truth is a pure jaw.

And that's exactly what the 23-year-old actress, Danna Paola He never commented on the subject and criticized the criticism, which always sends several photos of him. He still remains. Many Danna admire a lot and know that all these negative negatives are leaky, today is the truth that the look does not get much of it and that was it.

And even if he was with some extra pounds, what did he do? I mean … she looks nice. What is the case is that the young woman feels very good with her body and therefore publishes pretty good photos through social networks, most of them show their body that many people are. Here we let some …

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