Thursday , August 11 2022

Advice on improving diabetes circulation


In some cases, it is common for your feet or hands to feel "asleep". In more severe cases, swelling and cramps can occur in addition to tingling.

If this recurs, the safest thing is that there is circulatory disturbance. The most common is due to lack of physical activity, fat accumulation, and / or dietary deficiencies.

In this case we are talking about diabetes, and we know that people with diabetes have little circulatory disturbance. But why do they tend to cause cardiovascular problems?

Dr. Enrique Lopez-Villa, a member of the Doctoralia platform, explained that changes in blood vessels could occur because of high blood glucose levels. Or if you need exercise, you can accumulate too much fat clogging arteries that carry blood.

Here are some tips we can share to cure this condition

Drink plenty of water to keep blood from becoming viscous, improving blood circulation and improving blood circulation.

Reducing weight helps control sugar levels.

Avoid refined sugars that prevent changes in blood vessels.

Go to a dietary diet and carbohydrate-deficient dietitian and help you plan your diet according to taste and needs.

Garlic, ginger, fish and other foods can help prevent blood clots from spreading and help to prevent clotting.

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