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A woman dies after taking a Botox overdose in Hong Kong.


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(Caracas, Nov. 12, News 24) .- A 52 – year – old woman died this morning after taking an excessive dose of Botox at an aesthetic clinic in Hong Kong., South China Morning Post of Hong Kong, a third example in less than a month in China.

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According to this method, the clinic staff will be at 5 pm on Sunday, Called Cheung, after getting botox treatment..

After being seriously ill at Queen Elizabeth Hospital, the health authorities confirmed death at 9:42 am (01.42 GMT) on Monday.

According to a police source quoted by the Digital, She would have received Botox injections at the center more than 10 times, but I have not seen them yet.

Investigations are continuing and there have been no detention types so far.

Botulinum toxin, also known as Botox, It is used as a remedy for nervous system diseases and is used as cosmetics to remove facial wrinkles.

However, overdose can lead to progressive muscle paralysis, difficulty breathing, and death.

On November 1, a 41-year-old woman became ill in China after receiving Botox treatment at home. Weakness, sore throat, and swallowing difficulties.

The following day, according to the South China Morning Post, a 24-year-old girl was admitted to Queen Elizabeth Hospital after injecting neurotoxin, causing nausea, dizziness and breathing difficulties.

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