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25 news about the first Doom you do not know

– release the table! This afternoon comes Bruno with his CPU- Wat? How is your CPU? – The request of my midnight at the university was very ordinary. It was the year 1993, and no one in its right motion was a 8-kilo CPU and a CRT monitor without any good reason. Then he gave me the discs.

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There they were. Four 3 inch discs with the word Doom written about them. I jumped up and started making notes and books on the ground without hacking. The network games of that midday were epic.

And what if they were. That of midnight, and that of # 39; the next day, and the next …

On December 10, 2018 marks the 25th anniversary of the launch of a game that has changed everything that has long been popular for 3D shooters Clone of Doom. The title title titled many of the fundamentals that now define what an action game for the first person is. His extreme violence and his satanic reach also earn a few policemen, but Doom He was all over. The programmers were legends and the game in one of the pairs that have to go to devices as different as calculator or an ATM. Below, we will offer you 25 data (one for each year) Doom.

1.- The name of the game we have on Tom Cruise

In an interview with Doomworld, John Carmack recognized the name of the game for Tom Cruise and the film The color of money (the color of money 1986) by Martin Scorsese. In this center of film Vincent Lauria (playing the character of Tom Cruise) shows the case where he gets his fifty stuff. If they ask him something, he opens it and says, "Doom" (Doom It is translated into Spanish as death, regulation or destruction.

Carmack discovered that his game had the same influence in industrialized as Vincent in # 39; the world of '' bilararts' and therefore the game came to that place. It's okay, under the names they were awake, there were some or just Attack of the attackers.

2.- The concept was inspired by a role play

The idea behind Doom was set up in a role play Advanced Dungeons & Dragons directed by John Carmack himself. John Romero explains that one of his games had a character crooked magic sword and thereby opened a failed gateway to a demonic dimension. That clicked on the developments of the developer team and decided to combine it with a space environment such as in & # 39; the movie Aliens (1986) where they were also fans.

Just look at the head of a monster and tell me what you see.
Illustrations: Jeff Easley for the Handbook of Plans, First Edition (Wizards of the Coast)

3.- The cacodemonio is the head of a monster of AD & D

And no, it's not the Beholder. The inspiration of ID Software in AD & D reached the limits of plagiarism. The design of cacodemonium, for example, was drawn directly from an illustrator by Jeff Easley for the Manual of Drawings or Advanced Dungeons & Dragons. The drawing shows a giant demon with a few named Dreadnought (Astral Battleship). The ID software team took just the head of a monster to make the cacodemonio.

4.- It has influences from Evil Dead and H. Riger

The other great creative reference for Doom It was the movie saga Evil Dead. While on artistic side, Romero expects the artists to be responsible for the creators and scenarios of the game (Adrian Carmack, Kevin Cloud and Tom Hall) always book Necronomicón, by the Swiss artist HR. Giger The impression of Alien's great creator can be seen in various elements such as organic walls or the design of some demons.

5.- Doom It was a lot to be Aliens

In the beginning, Carmack camped with his team the idea to make Doom a game directly based on the Alien Universe. In ID, ID Software has been introduced into previous contacts with 20th Century Fox to obtain the official license. For the conclusion of an agreement, the company has launched the idea for fear that yields too much creative limitations.

6.- The navy Doom has no name until 1995 …

The protagonist of Doom is a great navy, but the game deserves a story or name. John Romero commented on the reason for this anonymity to increase the experience for each player. Two years later, it was published Knee deep in death, The first in a series of novels used the benefit of Doom's success. In this novel, the name of the navy is first mentioned: Flynn "Fly" Taggart

7.- … and has a secret face

The animated portrait of navy that is getting more blood when the damage is obtained is a hallmark of the game. Under his repertoire of faces is one that you probably never have seen. Doom intelligence knows her as the face of ouch (Ouch Face) and she is so rare because of a game. It would come when we miss 20 points of damage in one default, but instead it comes only when we receive 20 points of damage in one horse at the loss of damage. In some versions the bug was obtained and the ouch face is more likely to occur.

8.- There is a Bible from Doom, but it's not what you think

There is something called The Bible of Doom, but it has nothing to do with satanic gospels. In 1992, while his ID software colleagues were working on a technical site, player designer Tom Hall worked on a key document with the guidelines of Doom.

Hall was unhappy with the failure of a script Wolfenstein 3Dand I did not Doom same lot. To prevent this, he worked for weeks on a document that detailed a comprehensive story about scientists by perhaps opening a door to hell and freed a horde of demons that were initially incorporated by simple foreign affairs. Unfortunately for Hall, Carmack does not seem to be the idea Doom I had a very complex story. "The story in a video game is like the story in pornography, it is expected that there be, but it is not important," explains the programmer.

Romero supports Carmack's idea to create a much faster and brutal video gameplay, and Hall was forced to change his Bible in a simpler way. The original idea was that Doom It was the only open stage, but the technical limitations made the impossible and the losing Hall's ambitions. Last but only a few details of his Bible to the latest version came.

9.- The original game occupies 4 floppy disks, followed by 5

Today Doom It can be downloaded and installed on Steam, but in 1993 the popular digital platform did not exist. Too not been there, there were only a few games on CD-ROM, to read the units to be expensive for the home brokers. Doom It was sold on four 3-inch floppies. The entire game has almost 7MB. The footsteps only had to have one more album.

Photo: John Romero (eBay)

10.- John Romero sold for $ 3000

Speak from far. In 2017, John Romero sold his copy Doom 2 on eBay for $ 3.150. The circumstance is that the discs do not have anything special. They were an original copy of the game as many others circulated on eBay. They just have the creator of the game heard, that they offer them to describe in the description.

11.- Pressure and door camels: the sounds of Doom

No, you are not mad. If you have ever heard a loud voice Doom Check out a series or a movie is not the sounds of the game are not original. The composer of the music and sound effects of the game, Bobby Prins, has hit a commercial database that has been created by the Canadian company Sound Ideas. The base pulls out tones of explosives, shrieks or doors open and was used by many producers over the years.

The characteristic sound of 'doors' DoomFor example, you can be heard in films like Galaxy Quest and in series Stargate, Babylon 5 of Doctor Who. The gossip gossip out of the attack is no different than the sound of protest from a camel and the use goes back to the film Lawrence of Arabia (1962).

12.- A soundtrack inspired by metal

De Doom soundtrack made by Bobby Prins inspired by the music of many heavy metal bands of the time that Slayer, Metallica, Megadeth, Pantera, AC / DC, Alice in Keats and Black Sabbath are. The names of the levels of the game are also references to metaallings of & # 39; Time (House of Pain, The Living End, Nirvana, Genesis …).

13.- Doom began to be Shareware

One of the reasons for Doom's success was that the game was free. The first chapter of the three that make it Doom, titled Knee deep in death, can be downloaded and played under license shareware. Bought the full set up to $ 40.

14.- … and today is an open source game

In 1997, ID Software published the game code under a proprietary license so that it can be ported to other platforms. Two years later, he published the code under a free GNU license. His release published a complete ecosystem of versions, modifications and improvements of new cards and mods, to multiplayer versions for 32 participants.

15. The game that has more versions of the story

Doom debuted as a PC game, and then jumped to 3DO, Atari Jaguar, Sega 32X, NEC PC-9801, PlayStation, Super Nintendo, Sega Saturn, Nintendo 64, Game Boy Advance, Xbox, Xbox 360 with Doom II and Doom 3 in Doom 3 BFG edition), and PlayStation 3.

The low conversion of code to other platforms has created a kind of mathematical challenge between programmers. It is successfully installed in scientific calculators and executed on the screen of a printer, on the screen of a Porsche 911, the touchbar of the new MacBook Pro, and even on a LED key.

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They can play Doom Use one key as a screen

The list of devices here that it is possible to play Doom is every day reasonable.

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16. – Doom the term began Deathmatch

Today Deatchmatch is the most common term where we refer to multiplayer games, where participants are dead. While it is a questioned question, it is believed that the term was made by Johannes Romero himself Doom.

17. – The launch caused a report in various universities.

Doom integrates a multiplayer option that can be used up to four people simultaneously, in cooperative mode or in Deatchmatch. The multiplayer was so spectacularly successful that it resulted in computer networks of various universities, including the Carnegie Mellon University. However, students launched to install on the # 39 computer and university to start online.

18.- … and the performance of the ESRB classification system

The violence Doom It was the topic of so many discussions and had a lot of influence on the public opinion that this debate was crystallized in & # 39; the implementation of the ESRB (Entertainment Software Rating Board) classification system that plays labels of age and type content. The ESRB began operating in 1994.

19.- Try to remove the massive Columbine

In April 1999, two students from Columbine High School in Colorado arrived in Colorado. the center and schools with her clients. They killed 13 people, wounded 21 others and started suicide. The tragedy was soon related to video games.

This time it was said that Eric Harris, one of the murderers of Columbine, had used the level editor Doom to perform a replica of the institute in which the massacres take effect before taking it into a real world, but the data are falling. Greatly, Harris had created a few levels for the game, but they were not based on the institute yet they were related to their later actions.

20. – There is a head of John Romero hidden in the game.

The final level Doom has a head of John Romero on top of a heath. It is a hidden easter hidden by the development team at the expense of Romero, with which it was said it was impossible to work.

21. – … and a sense of Romero in conversation

The level designer detected the way at his expense and decided to put another one of his own. Before that he went to Bobby Prince and made a speech in which he said "To win the game, you must kill me John Romero" (To win the game, you must kill me, John Romero). This question will be called afterwards and with a guttural tone when the final level of the game comes.

22. The weapon Doom They are based on toys

ID Software does not have enough budget to get real weapons, so design the weapons of the game, which he started from what he had: guns and toy spells. This impressive post of Range 365 reviews the entire arsenal of the game and relates to the original models they bought in ID Software to make them.

23. – Bill Gates was just buying ID Software …

The success of Doom It was so overwhelming that it was not destroyed by Microsoft. The company was very serious on purchasing ID Software, but the operation was never true.

24. – … But he was satisfied with appearing in the game

Yes, Bill Gates appears Doom in a black carpet, in the route of a game and a lightning on the # 39; the monsters of the game. The video is a delirium spot Fruit of an agreement between Microsoft and ID Software. Gates would like to see the success of the success Doom to promote a technical platform that makes the implementation of video games in Windows 95. It was called DirectX. The name sounds like something for you.

25.- The version of Doom For Windows 95 was developed by Gabe Newell

Part of the agreement between ID software and Microsoft has involved the creation of a specific port for the new operating system. Under the software engineers the Redmond contract for this task was a very young Gabe Newell. Yes, today's founder of Steam.

The Doom code did allow Newell to be surprised that he decided to focus his career on the world of # 39; the videogames and found his own business: Valve. His first game was also an FPS and today he is a legend in his own right: Half-Life

But that's another story we say another day …

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