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Why MCU iron spider armor does not look like a cartoon


Peter Parker wore iron spider armor Avengers: War of Infinity, The design is significantly different from the lawsuits featured in comics. Everything from masks to logos changed, and the creative team at Marvel Studios clearly had a reason.

With other notable design updates from Avengers: War of Infinity – Iron Man's Mark L lawsuit and Captain America's new nomadic-inspired look – including Iron Spider's armor. It combines Spider-Man and Iron Man's design elements (interestingly Iron Man's Bleeding Edge armor-like texture means that the lawsuit is made up of the same kind of nanotechnology) But, I received high praise from fans. However, as it may have received, it was still significantly different from comic book origin materials.

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Marvel's Avengers: Infinity Wars – The Art of Movies It is full of numerous explanations about the various decisions in the production process. Avengers: War of Infinity. As for the appearance of the Iron Spider, it contains an interesting comment by Marvel Studios' Visual Development Ryan Meinerding, explaining why the studio is so far out of cartoon design. Ultimately, we wanted to respect Spider-Man's source material and MCU version at the same time. He said:

"I used the iron spider as a comic book and I tried to work on a subject that I knew the brother of Rousseau would respond to. I knew that I always wanted red and black Spider-Man outfits in the Civil War, I tried to find a way to change it: the cartoon Iron Spider had eyes like gold, bulbs, and I wanted to keep on the eyes of Romita, our old suit design, so I took the red and black theme After integrating the gold, trying to keep the same head design, especially the eye, was the reason we landed in one place. "

Partially, the choice of minor ring seems to have been extended because the Spider-Man was first introduced to the MCU. In particular, the distinctive Romita eyes are still fresh and original. By keeping them, we were able to switch from Spider-Man's original suit to Iron Spider Armor to feel like a natural evolution. The gold accents of this suit have been added in honor of the comic.

There was an important debate about how much Spider-Man should be. In the cartoon, the Iron Spider had three expandable units (called "Waldoes" by Peter). This was a strange choice, essentially meant that Peter had seven limbs instead of eight as typical to a spider. It did not change until Dan Slott was launched, and Meinerding seems to be playing with both designs. Ultimately, he settled on the four limbs in the final design, which is arguably the most aesthetically pleasing.

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Source: Marvel & # 39; s Avengers: Infinite War – The Art of Movies

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