Sunday , October 17 2021

Why can 2019 be a high year for home automakers and sellers

Look at the sale or sale of your home in the year? Well, you better prepare for a fiery road ahead.

According to new data from's 2019 Family Prediction, rising rates and prices will make it easier to buy and buy the next year.

The website of science found that with hypotheses are expected to be 5% of & # 39; the period of 2019 and monthly mortgaging expected to expect 8 percent, its own property will be more resignation – especially for millennia – ever before.

These increases, so says chief economist Danielle Hale, can create creatures to destroy the type of house they are looking for and some buyers from a brand come.

As for sellers, while the brand "market of a seller" remains, a majority of those increases must be smart and should not be required to "call it and fill it fully", an important change in the past years.

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In addition, you can sell top-quality prizes, which will take longer to sell and make stimulus, such as cost savings.

"With less demand in the market, there will be less bidding and multiple offerings, but with inventory expected to remain in most markets, salespeople still have a competitive price still with a wonderful amount of & # 39; going profit, but not the price jumps in the previous years, "says the report.

Hale says her biggest advice for home buyers who seek to buy the next year, is a list of desires that help you get more focused look.

"The competition of this year is more likely to find a home that fits your budget criteria instead of other buyers," she told FOX Business, adding that using online toolbags or home-search functions can help you find your goal and you help approve a mortgage.

Another factor that in the coming years is a big white map for the housing market is the new tax plan. Most residents are likely to benefit from these, as they have lower rates and a higher standard, which is meant to increase premiums. But for homeowners it is a mixed bag. says that some get lower tariffs and a higher standard exit, but many others can find limitations and personal issues, which means a higher tax credit may mean.

"Despite the fact that the housing sales of 2017 have seen the highest, they have begun in twenty years, the start of the sale in 2018 immediately after the tax plan. Although many factors affect home sales, it may be the case That without family stimulates some funds on the purchase, "adds the report.

Here are the main findings of's 2019 Housing Procedure:

• The price increase will continue, with a performance of 2.2 percent

• Inventory increase will moderate with less than a 7 percent increase

• Higher prices will bring the trend, with dual inventory funds

• Millennials will count 45% of the mortgage in 2019 against 17% for boomers

• New tax plan will be good for funds, mixed for homeowners

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