Tuesday , June 6 2023

White's Galaxy Note 9 welcomes winter.


Samsung's flagship product of the year was really painted. The Galaxy S9, S9 + and Galaxy Note 9 exceeded the usual grayish hues and embraced purples, blue and brown. In other words, some people prefer a mobile phone that is visibly inconspicuous, but black or gray is too blurry. If the rumor is true, at least in Taiwan this week White Weekend treatments will be available with White Galaxy Note 9 landing.

It is almost ironic that when the market finally gets the colorful phones they demand, the craving for ordinary blacks, gray and whites begins. Then again, the choice that the user actually wants is the choice to choose whether or not the day we went to do goodbye. Until the day that such a color option is available for glass coloring, the OEM must decide what the market wants and decide which market will get the color.

Of course, not all colors are available in every market, so white Galaxy Note 9 is no different. If it is true, it is true. This variant is not formalized, but there is no leaked rendering, but it is circulating on the Internet. For example, the above color is fan-made, suggesting a desire for these colors.

This week will be fulfilled for those living in Taiwan. According to ePrice, Samsung will launch Galaxy Note 9 White on November 23. If there is a matching white stylus, the signature color of the screen off note will also be white, which has been introduced in Galaxy Note 7. It will be interesting to see the normal Samsung Notes converted to a white background (if you can see white in white).

It's, of course, if it's a real deal. We do not know it until this weekend, but it can be exclusive in some markets outside of the US anyway. The only consolation is that, if it is possible, it will not be a more expensive special edition than the already expensive Galaxy Note 9.

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