Sunday , June 13 2021

Washington Post: Mueller's Office felt waiting for BuzzFeed report on Trump

Special adviser Robert Mueller's office was not to prove that it would be a central part of a bombshell BuzzFeed report by Donnars on President Donald Trump and his former personal lawyer Michael Cohen was originally requested To comment, The Washington Post suggested Saturday.

This is apparently why the office did not comment up to the point – and said in a rare public announcement that facts in the story were "insufficient", according to the post, with non-mentioned insiders.

BuzzFeed is in their story.

BuzzFeed reported that Cohen, according to the President, was aiming to settle Congress on how long Trump was involved in negotiations for a Trump Moscow real estate project at his campaign. The story calls up for Trump & # 39; s breakdown or insertion.

Mueller's bureau refused to comment as it was contacted by a newspaper's BuzzFeed reporter. The reporter "made no reference" to Mueller's office specifically or "evidence that Mueller's investigators have discovered", according to the Post.

The post reported that Mueller's spokesman Peter Carr told others he would receive reporters from following the story that he knew it was saying that Cohen Mueller told him that Trump was leading him – or that he had learned Mueller's situation through interviews with Trump Organization witness, and business sign and emails.

After the story, Carr appeared in a statement that BuzzFeed's "description of specific explanations" to Mueller and "characterization of documents and evidence" by Mueller were not enough. "

Cohen has refused to "confirm or earn" the BuzzFeed report. The "story is in itself", Cohen's legal advisor Lanny Davis said on MSNBC's release for "Carr & # 39; "'s statement published. Davis thought Cohen didn't "start" the story.

BuzzFeed Editor-in-Chief Ben Smith said a statement that the publication stands by his report and calls Mueller "make clear what he mocks. "

In an updated Saturday, BuzzFeed said: "If we have re-confirmed our report, we have not seen any indication that a specific aspect of our story is not good."

Trump got Carr's statement on the story. "A very slow day for journalists, but a beautiful day for our country," he said.

Read the entire Washington Post story here for more details on what the behind-the-scenes in a wall room chose for the BuzzFeed story.

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