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Vaping pot is more powerful than tastes, study finds

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Pot has a powerful device by a fat product – and often with more well-known side effects – if the dirty version finds a new study.

At the same level of THC, the psychoactive ingredient in marijuana led to higher blood concentrations of coconut as smoking, and also higher level & # 39; s cognitive and psychotherapies and a higher incidence of negative influences, such as break, fear, hallucinations and paranoia's feelings, according to the report, released Friday in JAMA Network Open.

It is important to understand the effect of & # 39; Fake, more and more states can legitimize cannabis and the drug makes it easier accessible, said the teacher's study, Tory Spindle, a post-doctoral researcher at the Johns Hopkins School of Medicine. "More people come in cannabis specialists and use the first time for a while or for the first time," says Spindle NBC News. "They need to be aware that faking strong effects produces. We have found that a nice line was sometimes between a shower that has the desired effect products and one was too strong."

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