Monday , January 30 2023

The way the Fed approaches the rate hike can be profitable or even break.


Cramer is tired of reporting a successful company and then seeing a successful company hurt investors.

"We saw a lot of companies reporting big numbers this quarter, and the market has fled or even destroyed stocks for no good reason other than misunderstanding," he said.

For example, using Norwegian Cruise Line Holdings, Cramer pointed to healthy outcomes as described in the "Mad Money" CEO of the cruising giant. But investors have given up on stocks, but in 2018 it dropped 8 percent.

"Everyone is acting as if we are busted," he said. "Every ship in Norway is fully booked and traveling, and the company has already booked 65% of its rooms by 2019. "How can the company become a cyclical company?"

He ruled that skeptics were wrong in most criticisms. Cruise drivers are not raising prices and keeping them flat. Increase production capacity to meet demand; He said he would attract younger customers and profit from falling oil prices.

So instead of marking a "show" stock in Norway, an investor should be aware of the idea that the company "has" been shown and "bought" the stock, Cramer said. "Already enough."

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