Wednesday , June 16 2021

The Giants' Odell Beckham Jr. does not retreat from a threatening goal. We must win seven more times.

One went down and only seven went.

After helping Giants down 49ers with two touchdown catches in a 27-23 win Monday night, WR Othel Beckham Jr. It takes an eighth to complete his noble goal.

Beckham said he will win the remaining match on schedule for the playoffs on Friday.

He will play in eight games and win nine and seven games to advance to the final. "It's not easy, but that's the goal. Win all the games and do everything you can to help it."

And on Monday, he did not deviate from that difficult goal. Eli Manning In the final round, the Giants won the game, improved to 2-7, and blocked five consecutive losses.

"I think it's better to win, I will not lie," Beckham said. "We win seven more times and whatever happens, everything we can do, it's the only focus we have, this is game one."

"I thought I could do better ( He later sent the same message on Twitter with a hash tag," Beckham said. .

Teams 1-7 have never returned to the finals., who won Monday, gave the Giants a 1% chance.

But S Landon Collins Beckham's dream is shared.

"You heard what O'Dell said, we can run 9-7," Collins told "They gave us a 1% chance of entering the playoffs.

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