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Sonos announces Black Friday deal in 2018 – BGR


As for Sonos, there are two universal truths that most people accept. First, Sonos is the industry leader in wireless speaker systems. Second, Sonos speakers are expensive. Certainly there are expensive options. For example, Apple's expensive HomePod is much more expensive than similar speakers from Sonos, but the cost of building a Sonos system at home is fast. That's why selling Sonos speakers is important, but unfortunately there are few and far between. In fact, there are very few consumer electronics brands that sell less than Sonos.

Thankfully, Black Friday is a rare occasion to expect a decisive deal on Sonos during the year's biggest shopping event. Sonos' plan was a mystery until now, but on Wednesday, the company finally announced a special offer to be offered on Black Friday in 2018.

Thanksgiving, from November 22nd, Sonos will offer time-limited discounts on the three most popular speakers. The discount is valid until the end of Monday, November 26 and will be cyber Monday. In other words, you can record a 5-day discounted speaker at Sonos.

One of Sones' most popular speakers sold on Black Friday in 2018 is Sonos One (Amazon | Walmart) speakers. It is similar to PLAY: 1, but supports hands-free Alexa so you can ask questions or control both smart home gear. For Black Friday in 2018, we're shaving $ 25 from the price of Sonos One, so we have to pay $ 1 for $ 174.

Next, the latest Alexa speakers in the Sonos lineup receive a discount on Black Friday. From November 22 to November 26, you can get a $ 50 discount on Sonos Beam (Amazon Wal-Mart) for $ 349. The Sonos Beam sound bar is not complete on its own and the company shaves $ 100 off the price of Sonos SUB (Amazon | Walmart) and drops it to $ 599.

All these Black Friday discounts are available on the Sonos website and partner retailers at Sonos.

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